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         Vegetative State (week 1-5)
The vegetative stage is where we will grow manipulate and train our plants during an 18-hour per day stage of life, prior to inducing flowering. This Class entails up to 5 weeks of growth,before flowering. (2) meetings for feeding per week. this course cost $499

                Cooking with Cannabis

               (3 hour hands-on course)

Hands-on fully instructional course. Come for a lesson...stay for the meal. Inquire for available dates. this course cost $298. Dinner for one included!


Germination (2 week time period)
Here we will, together, raise our seeds into the vegetative stage. Course is over a 7-10 day period and cost $99. Seeds and Clones are not provided. 

                              12 week Instructional Grow Course.

Start to finish. 3 meetings per week.This is the bundled grow courses for $998 

                                   Trimming, Drying and Curing course,

The most important part ...The Harvest! Not to be overlooked this course is a necessity! This course cost $199



           Flowering State (week 5-12)
The flowering stage, the final stage of the plants life, Here we will produce resinous flowers on a 12-hour light cycle. This course is the most important before harvest. (3) visits per week and this course cost $499